Jack Simcock

Jack Simcock Biography

Jack Simcock was born in Biddulph, Staffordshire, the son of a coal miner. For many years he was noted for painting bleak, sombre landscapes, which are instantly identifiable. He attended Stoke-on-Trent School of Art periodically between 1949 -1955. In 1965 he started teaching at a private school and later at his old art school, but he retired from teaching in 1967. After showing locally, Simcock began exhibiting at the Piccadilly Gallery in 1956, which became his agent. He had more than 50 solo shows, including overseas shows and he was very popular with American collectors.

Because of ill health in 1979 he could not paint for a while. In 1980 he began to produce small, brightly coloured abstracts. These were exhihited by his new agent, John Hunt. The autobiography “Simcock, Mow Cop” was published in 1975. The Tate Gallery, Contemporary Art Society, many provincial and overseas galleries own his work. He still continues to paint.

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