Ross McGinnes

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Ross is a relative newcomer to photography, discovering his passion in 2006 when he moved to a beautiful part of the world called Pecket Well, near Hebden Bridge.

The village is high on a hillside overlooking the stunning National Trust area of Hardcastle Crags, so it seemed rude not to invest in a decent camera.

While the landscape is breathtaking in any weather, Ross is most likely to grab his camera when ominous clouds roll in or the rain is being blown sideways.

Having used it extensively in his daily work, Ross believes Photoshop is not a dirty word, and readily adjusts the contrast of his work to introduce a dark, brooding aspect to his landscapes if Mother Nature doesn’t produce the goods herself.
The prints on display at The Smithy Gallery represent his more traditional work, but in his diverse portfolio he strives to capture the beauty in everyday objects, from rusty skips and dusty keys to peeling paint and ping pong balls.

Ross’s work has appeared in editorial and commercial guises for the likes of The Guardian, Orange and Fuse8 Design Agency.